Fassi S.p.A. was not always connected with the unmistakable green box of Mental: the company was founded in Turin in 1936 thanks to his founder, Lorenzo Tarassa, who conceived it as a pharmaceutical company, and only at a later stage the passage to what is the current production in confectionery sector happened. During the Second World War the bombardment and the serious problems of those years were not able to destroy this steadfast company, which moved simply to its branch in Vallecrosia, where it remained until 2011.


The positive trend of business strenghtened with Roberto Torassa, Lorenzo’s son, who was able to lead the company towards new market segments. As a matter of fact, certainly the most important product of the company is (and remains) Mental production line, the famous licorice pills, in the variations with sugar or sugarfree, the production has increased a lot to fulfill a more and more demanding and various number of consumers.


What makes Mental a successful brand are the continual research of raw materials and the constant investments in new technologies and education to be always up-to-date, as you can notice by the continual restyling of the product’s packaging, using captivating colours and graphics, always ready to catch new customers!


Knowing the role it is playing in italian GDO, Mental has always dedicated itself to national and local market wholeheartedly, also where retail trade needed a level of personalization. However, the brand is not only related to Italy, in fact during the last years the more and more copious request of products by countrys all over the world (for example, France, Malta, Sweden, but also China, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, up to Central America, with Santo Domingo and Venezuela, in addition to United States and Austalia), allows us to be world wide well-known, with great results.


Since 2011, Mental has a new house: the new production site in Chiusanico (IM), modern and spacious (we are talking about a 5.000 mq covered area) and especially in respect of environment, that really lies at the heart.


What could we tell about us, too? We are deeply well-established in our territory, from which we get a positive response in terms of customer’s satisfaction: we pay constant attentions to him. Probably because we give prominance to human resources, to market evolution, to every way to keep us up-to-date with news and people’s tastes.