The traditional taste of Mental candies is already known all over the world: this famous brand has fought its way through the most traditional palates in order to donate moments of delightful freshness from time immemorial. Black and white versions are available, also sugarfree and with balsamic effect, mental pills and candies give you the reassuring aroma of the best mint and the purest licorice.


Flavoral colourful tastes are joining hands with you in order to travel through taste, starting from the chewy toffees to orange, lemon, strawberry- flavored candies, moving from the freshness of licorice to the peculiarity of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.
You will make a very sweet journey, moreover packed in elegant metal boxes, which you can always bring with you.


What about the freshness of eucalyptus oil? These balsamic candies produce an immediate refreshing and antiseptic effect, especially suitable to improve your mouth breathing, but also to perfume your breath; they are available in packets, cans, sticks, tubes and in the traditional little boxes. We offer every size to guarantee comfort for palate and throat.


For licorice-lovers, an essetial brand: these pure licorice roots guarantee an intense and strong taste and the comfort of the traditional package you can bring with you everywhere. Flornera offers the simplicity of licorice to people who can’t do without its taste of naturalness.


These chewy jelly beans are multi-coloured temptations for children.. and adults. Packaged in packets or practical jars, Gelly "gelee" are very soft, available in lemon, orange, stawberry and pear-flavoured and donate you savoury moments to share with your friends. One thing leads to the other!


Our liquids for electronic cigarette come from a selection of aromas, obtained from first-rate ingredients and aromatic molecules exclusively used for food. Mental fragrances, suitable for all kinds of smokers, were studied and realised for everyday use. For this purpose, researches and tests were realized in order to avoid aromatic persistences and the presence of annoying elements in extended use throughout the day.